#82 March 23.

#82 March 23.

Don’t you see? It doesn’t even matter if you ever get the courage to
talk to her. It doesn’t matter if she says she loves you and makes you
happy and you spend the rest of your life with her.

In 100 years you’ll be dead.
No matter what you do, in 150 years your name will be forgotten.
The Earth is only going to last another 4 billion years before the Sun
goes red Giant and swallows it up.
In 100 billion years at the outside, there won’t be enough free energy in the
universe to sustain life. It’ll all be over and there’ll be noone left
even to know its all over.
Our lives are insignificant.
No one cares.
Suicide is the most meaningless act of all.

Have a nice day.

-Eric Akawie

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