#83 March 24.

#83 March 24.

You know, I’m sitting here and you’re sitting there and you’re
probably wondering what the hell I’m trying to say because I’m
being so damn incoherent; but I can’t help it, because what I’m
trying to express is
inexpressible, unutterable, because what that little girl must feel
knows no depths and no bounds and will never end, will just keep on
and on and on, because the pain will continue throughout the rest of
her life and after her death, will continue forever because it’s seven
human beings that have been destroyed, not six; and the worst of it
is was that THERE WAS NO REASON FOR IT, it just happened, that’s all,
just happened; just something else that happened on another day,
another dollar, don’t worry about it all, just rationalize it away and
remember to forget it, forget that it never happened, never mind the
fact that her pain will never end because it’s simply too deep and
too vast and is simply unanswerable,


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