#87 March 28.

#87 March 28.

I cannot tell you to do this or to do that, nor tell you that the things which
affect you should *not* affect you if you do not wish it.

What I can tell you is that (IMHO) things are not at a dead end. Maybe you in
some way realise this? If people are making you feel the way you are then you
have a number of options, you can distance yourself from these people, or you
can make these people aware of what they are doing to you. If they are your
friends then they should respect your feelings.

As your friend I respect your privacy. I wish, as your friend, I could give you
some of my optimism for the future. I cannot, all I can do is express to you my
optimism for your future. There is not much more that I can say…

-Eric Kendrick

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