#219 August 7.

#219 August 7. >If there were a God, then he would just destroy everything now and get it over >with You are god. You can destroy everything now and get it over with, and it will only take… Read More

#218 August 6.

#218 August 6. >most people agree that angst is what you feel in response to the >realization that life sucks and really doesn’t have any great design >behind it. people write here about the echoes of this futility… Read More

#217 August 5.

#217 August 5. > […] i’m bitchy as hell, probably because the room spins when i move my > head too fast Well, that’s to be expected, it’s all a joke, reality I mean, it’s not very versatile… Read More

#216 August 4.

#216 August 4. >Anyway, one day, it seemed, she decided not to talk to me, >ever again. No explanation, no nothing. I called, even sent a letter, all >to no avail. Now, I can handle a “no”, or… Read More

#215 August 3.

#215 August 3. > … Jesus Fuck, either that took you two days to type or you can do 30,000 words a minute. That Liz chick was thanking you “for being you” because to her that means that… Read More

#214 August 2.

#214 August 2. As far as I’m concerned, heroism is the poetic component of taking such a risk. Your allusion to game theory is correct, but to me it’s like saying “A flower is not a thing of… Read More

#213 August 1.

#213 August 1. From: chawla@wam.umd.edu (Jay Paul Chawla) Subject: Alt.angst Frequently Asked Questions, revision 1/18/92 Q) Today I met … A) She’s taking advantage of you, she hates you, she’s evil, and she will ruin your life.